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Rhode Island Regional Transition Centers

In order to assist Local Educational Agencies in meeting the Secondary Transition requirements, the West Bay Collaborative maintains four Regional Transition Centers (RTCs). These centers assist middle and high schools regionally and statewide through coordination of the four Regional Transition Coordinators.

The services provided through the RTCs include service to public, non-public, and charter schools serving youth eligible under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and work in partnership with adult service agencies, higher education institutions, training programs, and parent advocacy organizations serving young adults with disabilities.

Transition Advisory Committee

Each Regional Transition Center facilitates a local transition advisory committee (TAC) comprised of special educators from each LEA (local education agency) within the region. The TAC meets monthly to share information, best practices, current information, and events happening within the region and statewide. This forum also provides networking opportunities amongst school districts and other statewide agencies (ORS, BHDDH, RIPIN, PSN).  For more information, contact your Regional Transition Coordinator.

    R.I. Transition Council

    The purpose of this council is to create a partnership among state agencies, parents, students with special needs, and local education agencies (LEAs). This partnership enables students and young adults with special needs to successfully transition to adult life in their community.

    Membership includes students, parents, representatives of local education agencies and the following state agencies:

    • RI Department of Education/Office of Student, Community, & Academic Supports
    • RI Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, & Hospitals
    • RI Department of Human Services/Office of Rehabilitation Services
    • RI Office of Higher Education
    • RI Department of Children, Youth, & Families
    • RI Department of Labor & Training
    • RI Department of Health

    R.I. Transition Council Meeting Dates

    • September 25, 2019 @ West Bay Collaborative
    • December 11, 2019 @ West Bay Collaborative
    • February 2020 TBD
    • April 2020 TBD
    • June 2020 TBD

    R.I. Secondary  Transition & Employment First Twitter Feed

    @VCU_CTI Thank you @VCU_CTI for providing these webinars on #FamilyEngagement. Being informed is Job 1 for families! PLUS, a #TransitionMindset starts on Day 1!
    Lots of "1's" or "1st" in #TransitionPlanning - best part of IDEA! Am I right? @RITransition @DCDT_CEC @tn_transition

    Look at the Dec 6 & 7 7:00 pm PT workshops on #StudentLedIEP mtgs! It's the perfect place to develop the #YouthVoice! Thx @phpeducation
    #YouthEngagement is a predictor of #PostSecondary success.
    @SPANadvocacy @RITransition @mitransitions https://twitter.com/phpeducation/status/1587219154121138178

    PHP SAN JOSE @phpeducation

    November & December Connections California Transition to Adulthood events! Learn more!


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    #AdultAllies have the pleasure of discovering students' strengths & collaborating w/them to design robust #transitionplans
    Educators are in the business of preparing #EssentialWorkers
    @NationalAPSE @RITransition @PIA_works

    We are excited to attend 2022 TASH Conference https://2022tashconference.sched.com/profile @TASHtweet #2022TASHConf @sched

    I'm excited to attend 2022 TASH Conference https://2022tashconference.sched.com/profile @TASHtweet #2022TASHConf @sched

    ⁦@RICNews⁩ ⁦@universityofri⁩ RI Transition Resource Fair
    #RITransition what do you want to do after high school?

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    Wednesday, Nov 9th #TransitionAssessments for #students with complex needs. This webinar is offered in 2 time slots 1pm ET & 7:30 pm ET
    Thank you @FamilyMattersIL for hosting!
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    FamilyMattersPTIC @FamilyMattersIL

    Are you interested in learning more about transition assessments for students with complex support needs? Then consider signing up for our next series session on November 9th!

    Register to hear Dr. @SheidaKRaley present on #SelfDetermination & the #IEP on Thursday, Nov 17 at 10 am ET.
    Drs. Raley & @KarrieShogren from @KUCDD wrote the book 👇on #SelfDetermination & #CausalAgency Theory!
    Thanks @KansasFT for hosting!
    @SPANadvocacy @NisdPac @DCDT_CEC https://twitter.com/KarrieShogren/status/1549078453470773251

    Karrie Shogren @KarrieShogren

    Very excited to see our new book on Self-Determination and Causal Agency Theory released! @SheidaKRaley @KUCDD

    #YouthPanel #LifeAfterHS
    Come learn from #YouthWithDisabilities who have walked your path!
    November 20th 4 pm ET
    Registration details below.
    Thanks for hosting @vadcdt & @IMD_VDOE
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    VADCDT Town Hall Registration https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnFXbqqxiMFmmPuhNb_kpjKne8qGQmw-A2U7sal0pE1Oj5vw/viewform?usp=fb_send_twt https://twitter.com/vadcdt/status/1583455557423312896

    😍💕👇work from @RITransition !
    "Why teach #SelfDetermination?"
    A student's IEP meeting is the perfect place for them to practice and give them confidence.
    #SelfDetermination is a #LifeLong skill. @SPANadvocacy @tn_transition @vadcdt @DCDT_CEC @NationalAPSE @SSTRegion11 https://twitter.com/RITransition/status/1585249067734818817

    RI Transition @RITransition

    Person Centered Thinking 💭 RITransition @RITransition @sherlockcenter

    "#ParentExpectations is the granite when it comes to predicting #StudentOutcomes" @megrigal Listen to @think_inclusive #podcast & hear more about @thinkcollegeICI & the impact parents have on their kids #LifeTrajectories!
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