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Rhode Island Regional Transition Centers

In order to assist Local Educational Agencies in meeting the Secondary Transition requirements, the West Bay Collaborative maintains four Regional Transition Centers (RTCs). These centers assist middle and high schools regionally and statewide through coordination of the four Regional Transition Coordinators.

The services provided through the RTCs include service to public, non-public, and charter schools serving youth eligible under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and work in partnership with adult service agencies, higher education institutions, training programs, and parent advocacy organizations serving young adults with disabilities.

Transition Advisory Committee

Each Regional Transition Center facilitates a local transition advisory committee (TAC) comprised of special educators from each LEA (local education agency) within the region. The TAC meets monthly to share information, best practices, current information, and events happening within the region and statewide. This forum also provides networking opportunities amongst school districts and other statewide agencies (ORS, BHDDH, RIPIN, PSN).  For more information, contact your Regional Transition Coordinator.

    R.I. Transition Council

    The purpose of this council is to create a partnership among state agencies, parents, students with special needs, and local education agencies (LEAs). This partnership enables students and young adults with special needs to successfully transition to adult life in their community.

    Membership includes students, parents, representatives of local education agencies and the following state agencies:

    • RI Department of Education/Office of Student, Community, & Academic Supports
    • RI Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, & Hospitals
    • RI Department of Human Services/Office of Rehabilitation Services
    • RI Office of Higher Education
    • RI Department of Children, Youth, & Families
    • RI Department of Labor & Training
    • RI Department of Health

    R.I. Transition Council Meeting Dates

    • September 25, 2019 @ West Bay Collaborative
    • December 11, 2019 @ West Bay Collaborative
    • February 2020 TBD
    • April 2020 TBD
    • June 2020 TBD

    R.I. Secondary  Transition & Employment First Twitter Feed

    Richmond man praised for helping man in need during medical call https://turnto10.com/news/local/richmond-man-praised-for-helping-man-in-need-during-medical-call

    🎓Transition Assessment resource highlight (#2): Uncovering Strengths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwQjB1bJuXY
    Through this resource, you will learn about:
    🔸 the importance of strength-based approach
    🔸 using strengths for career & transition planning
    🔸 assessments to uncover student strengths

    ❤️ this 3 min video on #StudentLed Conferences. Developing #agency in students! #SelfDetermination Fall #ParentTeacher Conferences- a gr8 place 2 allow our CWDs 2 develop their voice. @RITransition @SPANadvocacy @GAB__on @UnderstoodOrg @1in5awareness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju0GlA7wE3w&t=191s

    We are thrilled to announce that Therese Willkomm will kick off #ATCNE with: Discovering the Joy of Assistive Technology Making- A Hands-on “AT Makers” Workshop! Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/discovering-the-joy-of-assistive-technology-making-a-hands-on-workshop-tickets-171997869257

    An important part of your transition planning is including independent & community living. Click the link in bio to watch the full video & learn more about community & independent living!

    #pennsylvania #disability #transitionplanning

    This week's #TransitionTip is about finding ways to make students' participation in the transition assessment process more accessible via the use of assistive technology.

    ❤️👇 We're listening Shane Bryan! Thank you for sharing your perspective, purpose and perseverance! #abilitynotdisability #selfdetermination #ICanIWillWatchMe @DisMentors @BroadFutures @fwdworks @PSwan41250789 @RITransition @Patrykschw1 @parentcenterhub @UnderstoodOrg

    Want to learn more about Work-Based Learning options for students completing the Alternate Academic Diploma? Register for our free October 14 webcast with @AlisonAGauld from @TNedu! Click here: https://transitiontn.org/webcasts/

    🎓 Transition Assessment resource highlight (#1): Transition Assessment Process for Students with Complex Support Needs

    When your planning for you career after high school, here are some questions to ask yourself !
    visit http://transitiondiscoveries.org to learn more!

    #disability #DisabilityTwitter #youth #youthadvocacy #iep #adulthood #transition #college #goals

    Our latest publication is a Fast Fact on:
    Practical Strategies for Trauma Informed Learning Environments

    We ❤️the look of #selfdetermination from 👉Experts on #Advocacy: What is #SelfAdvocacy, & why is it important? Thx @EasterSealsCTX 4 sharing the impact of Developing Capacity #rock⭐️ https://youtu.be/3aT4deIYe-0 @ncldorg @parentcenterhub @ED_Sped_Rehab @IMD_VDOE @RITransition

    Session 1: Supported Decision-Making: From Justice for Jenny to Justice for All with Jonathan Martinis https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/7416329397835/WN_1sxNz4IxR72XnwZ7C4uhvQ?t=1633358703148

    This week's #TransitionTip is about creating a self-care box for students to practice self-regulation and self-care.

    For more ideas on creating trauma-informed learning environment, check out our recent topical paper: https://buff.ly/2XGm1eL

    School suspension of 5-11 year olds is shockingly high, and extremely detrimental even 10 years later. In my recently published paper with Megan Andrew in Youth & Society @SAGEJournals, we investigate the long-term scarring effects of suspension & expulsion of kids in grades K-5.

    These Microsoft stickers make computers easier to use for people with disabilities https://www.fastcompany.com/90679138/these-microsoft-stickers-make-computers-easier-to-use-for-people-with-disabilities

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