R.I. Secondary IEP Form (English and Spanish)

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English Form (Click here for the Spanish form)



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Are you working on life skills with individuals you support?
RIMAC has a great kitchen skills kit! https://rimac.library.site/resources/detail/36744-36744_OPAC_v1_Coll-S_1a8c0f45-3d9a-4fbe-bd31-34ae23032628/1?facets=

Just learned abt #Tlap @burgessdave in this #podcast from @rechargedfamily 💯❤️ the quote 👇!
1) Build Capacity
2) Create spaces to practice #StudentLedIEP mtgs
3) Experiences live Forever!
Thanks 4 the savvy lead @KathiStephan_ https://podcasts.apple.com/by/podcast/dave-burgess-and-the-importance-of/id1574013845?i=1000575714313
@DCDT_CEC @RITransition

My middle school is in need of new banners to promote good citizenship and Jaguar qualities! We have a $1 for $1 match. Please help and RT @EddaCarmadello @LopezforRI @craignewmark https://www.donorschoose.org/project/banners-please/6863206/?utm_source=dc&utm_medium=directlink&utm_campaign=teacherhub&utm_term=teacher_4649046&rf=directlink-dc-2022-09-teacherhub-teacher_4649046&challengeid=20978436

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One last #TransitionTip post on the theme of engaging families in transition planning!

Families play an important role in promoting self-advocacy in students with disabilities. Consider the following suggestions to further engage families in the transition planning process.

Come join our transition team!!!

💯 "let them drive the IEP." ~ @leeannjung
Pls check out our @SIPInclusion The SpecialEDge newsletter - below is an article on #StudentLedIEP mtgs - Table of Contents Article #4. https://www.sipinclusion.org/2022/06/13/the-special-edge-newsletter-spring-2022/
@JSIiams @tn_transition @DCDT_CEC @RITransition @parentcenterhub @FACTOregon https://twitter.com/leeannjung/status/1561329848697716740

Lee Ann Jung, PhD @leeannjung

So many times we make guesses at what is going to work for a student when planning the IEP. Involve the student and ask them. Let them drive the IEP. #LeadInclusion. #SpedChat

We’re feeling extra optimistic after tonite! We welcomed the Class of 2026 with an impressive turnout of students, families, & mentors! We had quite the night- from DJ O, to the rock wall, the yummy food, & the fantastic representation of our student activities. #wwhswizardpride

#Determined #IMDsummit

“Seek the World” is a video platform started by two individuals who are deaf. Follow along with one of the co-founders as he travels worldwide, sharing videos about different cultures, experiences, adventures, and more in English and American Sign Language:https://bit.ly/3aCkjBD

Thank you to the ENTIRE @RISenate for its support of long-term rate reform for providers of services to people with disabilities.

This legislation is gaining bipartisan support because it impacts thousands of Rhode Islanders.

Let’s pass S2311 this session.

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