Teachers of Life Skills Network

The Teachers of Life Skills Network (TLS) is a collaboration of educators of students who share valuable resources and experiences in the following transition areas:

  • Providing effective life skills instruction
  • Designing and managing transition programs for students needing ongoing supports
  • Facilitating community and work-based instruction
  • Coordinating services with adult agencies
  • Aligning life skills instruction curriculum
  • Identifying best practices and overcoming barriers

Distance Learning Resources/TLS Google Drive

R.I. Secondary  Transition & Employment First Twitter Feed

Great 6 min video sharing #inclusiveU at @SyracuseU A #TPSID college program for Youth with DD/ID. The video highlights 3 trailblazers! 👈 @PodcastBorn @RITransition @TransitionDisc1 @IELconnects @think_inclusive @thinkcollegeICI https://youtu.be/YUyTR4T4jU0

Looking forward to this @VADCDT TownHall Today at 4 pm ET on Fostering Student Led IEPs 💯#selfdetermination is the ticket! Register below! @RITransition @AbbyHughesSPED @ImpactParents @PodcastBorn @Momvocatemills @SPANadvocacy @GAB__on @GAB__on @IELconnects @ncldorg @jdriffill04 https://twitter.com/vadcdt/status/1468535984254078981


Today is the day! We hope you are registered! If you missed this opportunity, we will have another town hall in January. More info will be shared next week. #VADCDT #Transition #JoinVADCDT

Want a great job? Great program! 🙂


This series is being recorded. To register, go to http://drri.org for Supported Decision Making. Next session focuses on ORS. https://youtu.be/nOgfKmz9PPg

NTACT:C's website hosts resources to support improved outcomes for all students and youth with disabilities. Use the link below to read "Decreasing Dropout Rates for Minority Male Youth with Disabilities from Culturally and Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds"

Finally can in the mail! Can’t wait to read it this long overdue examination of BRI / Judge Rotenberg Center. How can this STILL be happening? 🤬

Congratulations to SHOWCASE Cinemas High School Team of the Week: Prout Girls Volleyball
LISTEN for the announcement about the Crusaders on @Hot106, @92profm & @Lite105Radio
Nominate a team at: http://riil.org/page/3309

Communication difficulties, such as the inability to communicate effectively and appropriately with others, can be accommodated in various ways. Read Communication Difficulties in the Workplace - https://AskJAN.org/articles/Communication-Difficulties-in-the-Workplace.cfm

Beautiful 3 min video sharing the #employmentsuccess of a #ProjectSearchIntern - Btw gaining #employment & obtaining his #driversLicense, no goal is out of reach. Thx for sharing @RITransition 👊@DelawareDVR @DE_SCPD @DEDeptofEd @wibpdd @TransitionDisc1 @parentcenterhub @VCU_CTI https://twitter.com/RITransition/status/1454073176460255249

RI Transition@RITransition

DHS’ ORS is Changing Lives Through Project Search https://youtu.be/WR0_HE3MGUw via @YouTube

Yes @BrookesPubCo ! #studentled #IEP mtgs also increases student engagement in their own learning! This will impact IDEA Indicators 1 & 2. We ♥️ this #BestPractice #Transitionmindset starts on Day 1! #selfdetermination @RITransition @melissacfreyre @MindShiftKQED https://twitter.com/BrookesPubCo/status/1454176219205881859

Brookes Publishing@BrookesPubCo

6 reasons to involve students with disabilities in their own transition planning.

#FreeOfChoice means developing #SelfDetermination everyday! #choicemaking is a gr8 place 2 practice from Day 1 because of @RITransition tweet 👇 "What if someone else made a different choice for you - how would you feel?" Reminds me of the quote from @DerekNord_ @NationalAPSE https://twitter.com/RITransition/status/1455898586990977025

RI Transition@RITransition

#FREEDOMOFCHOICE Where is control important to you?

#SelfDetermination & #transitionmindset is a Pre-K-12th continuum of #highexpectations! @DerekNord_ shares why we need 2 develop #selfadvocacy skills in our kids! R #CapacityBuilding is Job 1! 👊💯 @RITransition @PodcastBorn @VCU_CTI @Patrykschw1 @AllisonLombardi @NationalAPSE https://twitter.com/RITransition/status/1455898586990977025

RI Transition@RITransition

#FREEDOMOFCHOICE Where is control important to you?

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